Current-Gaines Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Agape Mission

Agape Mission Outreach

503 W 2nd Street

Corning, AR  72422



4th - Food Day

11th & 12th - Clothing Day**

26th - Commodities



2nd - Food Day

9th - Clothing Day


 Due to the generosity of so many,
We are not accepting clothing or household items at this time.
Exceptions: Men's jeans

Agape Mission
A Ministry of Current-Gaines Baptist Association
 501 W. 2nd St.
 Corning, Arkansas



The faces of hunger are all around us. It
affects the young, the old, and every part of our state.

• More than 20%of those in Clay and Randolph counties live below the
poverty line and can not
afford enough food to eat. That means that 1 in 5 of
your neighbors struggles with making ends meet and
providing enough food for their family. - ACS Survey

• Arkansas' childhood poverty rate is 25.9% compared
to the national average of 18.4%. - ACS Survey

• 1 in 8 of our elderly citizens lives below the poverty
line and has to choose between food and medicine. - ACS Survey

• Arkansas is ranked in the top 5 of most food insecure states.

• The regions in our state with the greatest prosperity
will experience the greatest increase in poverty by 2010.

2014 American Community Survey

 Our Goal is to Try To Relieve Some of These


  Our Hours
Food Distribution - 1st Tuesday of the month
Clothing Distribution - 2nd Tuesday of the month
Closed 3rd , 4th and 5th  Tuesdays

Volunteers: Food Bagged  Monday before the
1st Tuesday of each month - 10:00 am
(Except when falls on holiday or special event)

Food Distribution - 1st  Tuesday only
*  Hours: 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. * 

Clothing Distribution - 2nd Tuesday only
*  Hours: 9:00 am until 1:00 p.m.*

First time clients need to bring:
1. Proof of identification
2. Proof of address
3. Proof of income

Clients may receive food once a month:
clothing (5 outfits per person) 6 times a year

We do not pick up donated items nor do we deliver food or clothing.

If a client is working and needs to pick up food after
1 p.m., he/she needs to call 870-857-1520 so their food can be held for them.
Check with the Mission directors if you have clothing to donate. Sometimes we have an abundance of clothing. Men's jeans and Children's clothing are usually in demand.


If you have Food or Clothing donations
Call Joyce or Betty.


Food Director -
Joyce Huggins (870-323-0277)

Clothing Co-Directors -
Betty Bass (870-857-3237)
Syble Ingram (870-857-6122)

There is always a need for food items with a long shelf life
personal care products.
If you have any questions, call the Mission at
870-857-1520 during regular hours on Tuesdays,
or call

Current-Gaines Baptist Association

We Praise God for this ministry and Thank all who
volunteer their time, money, and goods.
If you would like to volunteer your time, please call
Don Settles.
We can always use Volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!


 At this time we can not accept any clothing due to your generosity and our lack of storage space.
We are accepting non-perishable food items, especially canned goods.

Call 870-857-1520  to schedule a drop-off time.
No other clothing can be accepted at this time due to lack of storage space.